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Damiki's new baits highlighted by Bryan Thrift, FLW Angler of the Year

Thursday, 12 August 2010 20:26 administrator
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Introduction: From our first encounter with this Korean owned tackle manufacturer two years ago, the excitement over their product has somewhat waned. If you recall, when Damiki first came on the North American scene, they did so with flare erecting a massive display with custom lighting, Plexiglas cases, white walls and more. Last year, their booth was minimally sized with just a few new baits to display. In 2010, riding on the success of pro staffer Bryan Thrift and his 2010 FLW Angler of the Year title, Damiki returned to ICAST with a very large booth but a somewhat subdued number of new offerings.

Nevertheless, they have a lot of new product for the coming year, many of which just arrived at ICAST. With availability and pricing still up in the air information was somewhat limited on these products, but what we can share with you are the following images. Read More - Buy Now

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Rock Cod - Halibut
Tuna - Salmon
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